The erotic review QUOTES

When I entered her apartment she was dressed in a black spandex skirt and top, and wearing sky high-heeled boots. On her hands she has a pair of black leather fingerless motorcycle gloves.

Amanda is the best provider I have ever been with. I will be hard pressed to find someone else in her league.

I was in NYC again for business and decided to see Amanda again

She let me inside her room and she looked wonderful! Leggy and busty and pretty. Great to look at and talk with, just like I remembered.

Just back, from visiting my old friend Amanda, who needs little or no introduction, VIPs read on
A good laugh, some nice conversation, a shower and I left as always very satisfied....

I have been looking at Ms Manhattan’s website and ads for ages but never really plucked up the courage until recently to message her. There was a specific fantasy I wanted to play out and looking at her reviews I knew she would be perfect.

she certainly gave me an education I won’t forget. I will be back for class very soon!

I was celebrating finishing a project at work. I was curious about swing clubs, so I called Amanda Manhattan and asked if she could accomodate me. She does swing club scenes too. I decided dinner, a swing club then back to her place
— ROB1983

Steak and a nice wine. We played footsie and rubbed legs all through the meal. It was dark and she occasionally nibbled on my ear.
I left exhausted and happy. A great experience.
— ROB1983

I had been wanting to see Amanada for quite a while and finally went for it. So happy I did.
She opened the door dressed just as agreed in corporate business attire complete with skirt, stockings, garter, glasses and suggestive heels. Amanada is a super sexy, friendly, mature woman who rocked my world and pushed my kink limits just as I asked. We came up with a few ideas for next time and I will definitely repeat!

She’s very interesting to talk to and has a lot of knowledge about the industry

All I can say is WOW what an experience! Amanada played out the fantasy to perfection, pushed my limits, and left me floating out the door. So many possibilities for more kinky adventures with her. I will definitely repeat.